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We work as a part of your team from the idea process, to understanding the needs of your users and building a product that you can be proud of.

App Idea To Reality

08It all about a strategic vision. From product definition and branding to technical infrastructure concepting, think of our team as your own personal startup. We offers full suite of strategic offerings that can be shaped to match any project. We  are specialized in web app development, mobile development for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

We will transform your business requirements into product and understand how your organization can achieve rapid business transformation in terms of ROI improvements, overall operational efficiency and much more with our Strategic plans

If You have any queries regarding:

  • Problem in making the anticipated business.
  • Uncertainty in your business requirement.
  • Not able to make the anticipated revenue.

We Offer

Our Expertise + Your Passion

Before we even consider the design aspects of your app, Ghrian Tech starts off with an in-depth consultation. We focus on three prime parameters that will frame your business model. These are:

  • Will this be a great app that actually solves user problems?
  • How will the app be marketed, and what execution needs to take place to build buzz for the app?
  • How will the app be monetized to provide revenue generation?

Parts of our mobile app development strategies involve determining how to market your app, how to build buzz before, during and after the launch, and what’s required to maintain success and visibility in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Best Strategy + Fastest Execution

Our unique services will focuses on identifying the optimal strategy for achieving a winning outcome in your market, then applying diverse talent – product, demand generation, technology, marketing – to achieve traction faster than the competition.  Over time, we combine this rapid-cycle execution with evolving value-building strategies that helps you to achieve great outcomes.

Social Marketing + Targeted Customers

With the latest trends in the digital media, there are more possibilities than ever to reach your customers. At the same time the customers have more choices than ever and bombarded with more information through various channels than they can possibly make sense of. The current age customer expects the brands to be relevant, to listen, to interact and behave well. In other words there are many dots that need be connected to make the marketing process successful.

We at Ghrian Tech translate research insights into marketing and business strategy with a clear plan to achieve core brand and business goals, from raising awareness to shaping brand perception, creating engaged user bases, and catalyzing specific behavior.

Analytic Insights + Channeled Data Mining

Ghrian Tech provides results-oriented strategic consulting services, marketing analytics and software tools to support our clients business planning and strategy needs.  Our key services including marketing mix modeling, custom analytics, and software tools are designed to:

  • Improve Marketing ROI
  • Optimize advertising spend
  • Maximize promotion effectiveness
  • Guide pricing decisions
  • Support business planning
  • Create competitive advantage
We have outstanding resources team, who can transform your business requirements into realization.
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