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Fact Sheet

Big Bang Games
Based in Hyderabad, India.

Release date:
Android – March 2nd 2018
iOS – March 8th 2018

Confirmed platforms:
iOS, Android




Earn free crypto currency by just playing this bitcoin game. Earned crypto currency will be sent to your coin wallet in no time. It means that you can get free crypto coins without putting much effort and it is absolutely for free! Start Mining Now!

How to play Bitcoin Game?

If you have played blocks puzzle before then bitcoin game is a no-brainer. Just drag the bitcoins and place it on the square 10×10 grids. Try to fit the bitcoins in rows or columns to clear the space to score and fill up the bitcoin progress bar on top. The goal is to fill up the progress bar as quickly as possible to earn more satoshis to trade in for real cryptocurrencies like reddcoin.

We have placed timely gift rewards in the bitcoin game for you to get free satoshis every few seconds. How cool is that!!

Quickly, let’s try the game.



  • Earn free cryptocurrency!
  • Simple drag & drop blocks game
  • Simple yet challenging puzzle gameplay that counts on your quick reaction.
  • Timely gift surprises of satoshis.
  • Collect satoshis and trade for real cryptocurrency.
  • Challenge your Friends by sharing your best scores.


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About Big Bang Games

At BIG BANG GAMES, we have one goal, and one passion to have lots of fun while developing, and to turn that fun into top-notch games by our really talented team. Since our founding in 2015, we have worked to take that passion and build a company culture around it. We believe that a great team is a product of two things great talent, and a great working environment. They maintain a symbiotic relationship with our products – the better our team and our environment, the better our games.

We maintain a flat structure, encouraging constant iteration and innovation, working hard, while still having fun & friendly environment, and being open and communicative in everything we believe our culture has allowed us to create games played by hundreds of players around the world. After all, when it comes down to it, we’re in the business of creating happiness and fun – shouldn’t a successful team be happy, and having fun, too?



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